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We’ll Answer Your Roofing Question.

How much does an inspection cost?

Every inspection is free and honest. We pride ourselves on being one of most honest companies out today.

How much is an estimate?

We offer free inspections and free estimates. The estimate is guaranteed to be delivered withing 24 hours of our inspection.

How long is the warranty?

Our workmanship warranty is 5 years. This inlcuded any leaking that has occured after we have replaced the roof, and loose shingles. The exlusion is any type of damage caused by nature, such as wind hail or fire.

Can you work with my insurance company?

Yes we actually specialize in INSURANCE claims and will help you through the entire process. Once you hire Red Dirt Roofing, you just get to sit back and relax. We will handle everything from that moment.

How long should my roof last?

This is a great question and asked a lot. In the state of Texas your lucky to get about 7-10 years out of your roof. The amount of storms we have here and the typical Texas heat works its magic on your roof.  

Can you handle everything on my insurance claim?

That answer is yes. We built this business to cater to your needs based off hundreds of insurance claims. If it is covered by insurance its covered by Red Dirt Roofing.